Thursday, October 20, 2011

And . . . no.

Science test yesterday did not go well.  Did not go well at all. *heavy sigh*  What are you going to do.  We pick up the ol' 10 pound science text and start again on the new chapter.  Fortunately, his grade is split half homework, half tests so he's balancing out to a very respectable B-.

I am starting to pack for Central Florida.  It's been a long time (well, nine years) since I have flown with children.  I found myself stocking up on magazines and games and snacks and movies only to realize I was buying supplies for a three day car trip, not a three hour plane ride.  I packed most of it away for emergency use over the long, boring winter.

Preschooler D and I have been talking about how to get through security.  We watched the videos from the tsa website.*  Brent and I set up a mock security station in the kitchen.  I had a good time playing obedient passenger walking through security, but D wasn't interested.

Can't you carry me?

No, we have to walk one at a time.  That's the rule.

We could walk together.

No, we have to walk one at a time.  That's the rule.

What if the bell goes off?

The bell only goes off when there's metal.  You won't have any.  It won't go off. I give you my word.

What about that? (Pointing to small ring I am wearing.)

I will put that in my backpack until we are done.


Please, oh, please, don't let the alarm sound!!!


* My favorite line on this page has to do with not leaving your infant in the carrier as it goes through the x-ray machine.  Who would think that was a smart idea?  Someone would/did and that is why they have to say that.

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