Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The day I put the shorts away

Well . . . I've got the laundry done and I put the shorts into storage right out of the dryer.  In some ways, this was easier than most years.   Minnesota has sort of fickle weather in the fall.  On the occasional odd year you can trick or treat in shorts.  Other years you need snow boots.  It can be difficult to know when the moment has arrived that it's time to actually switch to long sleeves and pants.

This year there was no question.  I needed to leave our shorts out until our trip.  It was time to put them away when we got home.  Easy peasy.  Wouldn't it be nice if there were more situations like that?

Take little Kim Kardashian, for example. Apparently there was a lot of gray area in deciding to get married 72 days ago.  The question, "Shall I marry a man on national television who wants me to give up my semi-celebrity lifestyle and have children and move to Minnesota" was a more complicated decision that it might appear on the surface to me. Now I believe Minnesota to be a more hip happenin' place than the rest of the country might think, and I believe we would have welcomed Mrs. Humphries with open arms.  I think first, though, we as Minnesotans would have asked her, "Kim, dear, are you sure?  Are you sure you're sure?  Are you ready to spend six months of the year covering your . . . um . . . assets?  Because that's the bottom line to living here.  Also our sense of celebrity is a little skewed.  We elected a pro wrestler governor.  We open our doors to find Prince doing his Jehovah Witness work and we just politely say no and offer him a decaf pop (soda) before he goes on his way.  We honor Sinclair Lewis as a hometown boy even though his writing mocked everything for which we stand.  The rest of the world understood that.  Us not so much."

No, little Kimberly wouldn't have been able to cut it here.  Sometimes we put our shorts away in September and sometimes November.  I imagine she doesn't put hers away at all.

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