Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Big Cat

I think I've been talking about it since Christmas, but -- hooray! -- this Sunday is the first Sunday of the new church.  And -- look! -- I can totally say the name without laughing now.  Catalyst. See! Mouth corners didn't even turn up.

Even though we have been working on this project for almost a year, this week has the freaked out air of a wedding or some such event.  There are things that can't be done until the last minute.  There are things that hadn't been thought through.  There are things that need to change, and I mean now!  Everyone is scrambling a bit.

Big Daddy Brent, as you remember, is heading the music ministry, and so last night went to the practice set up of the sound equipment. Or at least the parts we were able to purchase before the money ran out.  The rest of it had to be begged and borrowed.  (Not stolen, of course.)  Next comes the real pre-set up on Friday and then the real final set up on Sunday morning.

We also had to beg and borrow a last minute drummer when ours cancelled yesterday.  Getting a drummer isn't necessarily that hard, but he or she had to come complete with drums because money ran out before we could buy those as well.  Since practice time is at a minimum at this point, the drummer also has to know Brent and know who he works -- trickier yet.  Huge, huge, HUGE shout out to our blogger-friend Jeremy J for coming through in a pinch. (Did I mention huge?)  He claims the drums were dusty, but I don't believe it will take long for him to get into the groove . . . um . . . so to speak.

So, if perchance, you are in Central Minnesota this week and you are looking for a free cup of coffee Sunday morning, come on over.  Everybody is going to be new, so no one needs to feel left out or like they don't know what's going on because -- truthfully -- none of us do.

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