Monday, September 13, 2010

Disney Moms

You know I'm what they call a Mousejunkie, right?  Somebody who hides their bad Walt Disney World Resorts habit from other adults?  Yes, well, that's me all right.  Mousejunkie author Bill Burke describes traveling to Orlando as getting a "Disney fix."  I don't know if I'm that bad, but it is true that I am currently wearing a discreet Mickey Mouse watch and even more discreet Mickey Mouse flip flops.  The ears on on the bottoms.

Every year the fine folks at Disney create a Disney Moms Club panel of moms who get to travel to Disney in December and then spend the rest of the year answering Internet questions.  My love of Disney and my Internet addiction all rolled into one!!  Who could be more perfect for this job?!

Yet,  I have been rejected four years in a row. (Sad face.)

There's thousands of applicants. (Sigh.)

It's just a pipe dream. (Deeper sigh.)

Dear Friends at Disney,
If you pick me, I promise to look like this all year.

How could you resist this pixie dusted face?

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