Friday, September 10, 2010

Blog Writin'

So, I'm watching the POTUS have a press conference this morning and . . . Let's just review for a moment that fact that I am a big bipartisan peacenik.  What I have to say is nothing personal . . . I was brushing my teeth or trying to make my midlife crisis longer hair not stick out at odd angles when I started to notice that when the President was talking about lower taxes or health care or things that might be interesting and personal to Joe Taxpayer, he slipped into an easy "one of the guys" pattern of speech.  A lot of g's were dropped at the end of his verbs.  Contractions were made when they shouldn't have been. It was stuff like "We're workin' . . . We hafta . . . We're gonna . . ."

When, however, the President was talking about international policy and the suchlike, his elocution improved like he'd just done six weeks with 'enry 'iggins himself.

Like I said, I don't blame him.  He's got a big, big staff.  He's probably got somebody whose job it is just to figure out when he should drop his g's and when he should not.  What do I know about how the American public likes their verb tenses?  It could be that I am the only person here who feel as though my President should sound like he just completed a doctoral program in speech at Oxford.

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