Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who's Nervous Now?

I won't mention any names to protect the innocent, but a certain middle schooler in our house was feeling pretty anxious about going to school open house last night.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth and angst about classmates and teachers and such.  Mother had to pull out every trick in the book including, "Your other choice is to stay at home and be home schooled by me."  He thought long and hard about that while I -- panicking -- prepared a brief "God has not called you and I to do home schooling together" speech.

In the end he and I made it to school open house.  The big surprise of the night was that little Mrs. R whom he thought he was going to have for a teacher was switched at zero hour by Mr. M.  It's perfectly all right.  Colin and I are open to change. (Hahahahahahahahahah!!! I thought I could do that with a straight face. Ahhhh . . . ) Mr. M looked a little dazed.  He was back in the room he packed up and left last spring to move to another building only to have to pack it all up again and move back yesterday.  He rolls with the punches.

In case you're new, Colin has autism spectrum disorder. He's very high functioning, but he has a variety of teachers.  Mr. M is his homeroom teacher.  Then he gets pulled out for math and reading, speech therapy, occupational therapy, adaptive phy ed . . .  He gets a lot done in a week, including band.  I am ever so slightly proud of him.  He works hard, but I think I feel for him in an extra way when school starts.  There's so much to get done -- so much to get used to.

So after all this meltdown yesterday, we got out of the car at his school and I realized we'd forgotten his backpack full of school supplies.  I started freaking out.  "We could go back!  Should we go back?! Does it matter if you don't have it?!"  My son looked at me and said, "Mom! I can just bring it on Tuesday.  It's all right."

Oh, sigh.  Who's nervous now?

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