Friday, October 1, 2010

Fritz T Gets Zapped

A few weeks ago Mom and I drove down to Cyberspace Sarah's for a baby shower hosted at the home of her new pastor's wife.  This lady was attractive and savvy and threw a great shower . . . and her little dachshund had a "bark collar" -- you know, a collar that gives a tiny zap to the dog when it starts to bark.

"Hmmmmm," I thought to myself.  "If that cute little dog can wear that collar, Fritz T certainly can."

Now, you know me.  Zapping my dog seemed like it was going to be something way out of my comfort zone. If you will recall, however, we've had some relationship issues this summer (Remember when I was going to drive over him with the car?) and I decided it just couldn't hurt . . . um . . .me.  I didn't know about Fritz T.

Anywho, I researched them online and discovered that I could either get one that automatically zapped Fritz when he barked, or one with a remote that I would use to zap him.  In the end I went with the remote because I could also give him a verbal cue like "Quiet!"

On the first day Fritz had the collar on, he started barking and going ballistic at a squirrel or cat he saw out the window. I steeled myself, gave him the command, and pressed the button that gave a buzz sound but no zap.  Nothing.  I gave him the command and pressed the zapper at level one.  Nothing.  Cranked it to three. Nothing.  Five.  Nothing.  "Quiet!" I bellowed and set it on seven. ZAP! Fritz stood very, very still and was quiet.

"Um . . . Fritz? . . . ah . . . good dog . . . are you okay? . . . thank you for being quiet."

And that, my friends and loved ones, was the only time I have had to zap him.  Three days later and I don't even have to buzz him with the sound.  He's still barking at the random blowing leaf, but he is responding the verbal command.  Hooray!

Now, I need him to stop peeing in the living room. What do you suppose the verbal command is for that? "Stop peeing!" ZAP!

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  1. :) Sometimes you just make me smile so much. Thanks for today's laugh (zap)! <3Diane