Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Death '10

Do you remember last summer when I struggled with committing slugocide? In the end the death of my flowers was more unnerving to me than poisoning the slugs.

I have a new problem this year. Mice. Mice in the garage.  They're eating the bird seed.  Making nests.  They're not hurting anything.

Not true.  They made their home in two car seats we were saving.  They chew my gardening gloves.  They (oh, ew) poop on my gardening gloves. And for whatever reason, that is the thing that is grossing me out.  Tiny little mouse poops on my gardening gloves.  For this, I will consider poisoning another living creature.

I have to think about this.

Darn you, Free to Be You and Me 70's childhood!!!!


  1. Its the free food, aka bird seed buffet, they are loving! Come winter it will be the warmth and shelter they will be hosting dances in. I saw a coyote 2 days ago in Grand Canyon NP that would love to take care of that mouse problem of yours! Postcard will be on its way soon :)

  2. MLisa, we had a mouse infestation in our garage last year. I ended up running over several by accident. It was really quite unnerving. Thanks for the reminder. :) I still find reminders in terms of mouse poop on occasion. Aint life grand?