Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grandma Scrapbooks

It's Sunday which isn't usually a blog day for me AND we are in the middle of small town water festival (just put my chair out on the parade route), but I must stop for a shout out to Sue in Florida.  I can't reply back to the comment she made,  so I hope she reads this.

Sue's mom was looking for a poem and the only line she could remember was "everything comes into focus with a crocus."  Sue googled it and found it on my blog on a "Poem for Tuesday" day.  I know you know, dear friend and loved one, but let me explain to Sue that poem came out of one of my grandmother's scrapbooks.  Grandma taught school in a two-room school in rural Holmes City, Minnesota, and put together scrapbooks, I suppose, to keep the kids busy during their down time.

I am just so blessed and tickled that Grandma's scrapbooks came in handy.

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