Monday, March 23, 2009

Greetings from the ark

Up in the northwest part of my state the Red River is flooding. My s-daughter (After 15 years, I'm trying to come up with something new. Step daughter seems too Cinderella.) has the day off of college in Moorhead to help with the sandbagging. My parents went to college up there 40+ years ago and I think I recall them saying they did the same thing.

Mother Earth always wins no matter how scientific or electronic or smart we become.

My town is in the pit of where a big glacier melted after the ice age. Many businesses in my community start "Glacial Lakes (something)." Everything is downhill into town. It's very pretty coming down the hill with the lake and the trees; however, it also means that all water runs downhill and into our basements. I don't know anyone who doesn't get water their basement here.

Right now Brent's workshop are is filling up. I was down there with towels, but it's raining so hard I gave up. I keep peeking downstairs to see if I need to move something out of the way of the water. I'm going to need to take my laundry pile in hand here in the next couple of hours.

. . . but I suppose I need to do that anyway.

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