Monday, March 30, 2009

And it goes on

The snow has melted in my yard just in time for . . . another snowstorm. That's right! Accuweather proudly predicts 12.2 inches over the next three days. Yippee. I am losing my sense of humor. You may be forced to read Grandma Malmberg scrapbook poems everyday in a sort of "spring dance" if you will.

I was listening to that cutie Jean Chatzky on her XM talk show today talk about how sad she felt for her little daffodils because they'd had a hail storm where ever it is she lives. "In March!" she cried indignantly. I assume she felt March was too late for a hail storm. It would be right on time by my line of thinking.



Let's make a list of the positives.

I'm glad I live in Minnesota because:
~ Cold weather prevents the habitation of poisonous snakes and spiders.
~ My automobile will start, run and drive in any type of weather.
~ I can load up on sale sweaters in Puerto Rico and other warm climates.
~ I can load up on summer clothes in Minnesota where the season simply is not long enough to own very many.
~ I do not have to chase Colin around the neighborhood to come in and practice piano. It's too cold and windy to go outside today.
~ I live within two hours of the nation's largest climate controlled mall.
~ I never say, "It's too hot to bake today."
~ I never say, "It's too hot for a coffee today."
~ I have a basement in which to store my junk. In other parts of the country they have to rent storage.
~ Friendly people. You know. For the most part.
~ My family lives here.

Clearly, I need to brainstorm some more on this.

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