Monday, February 20, 2012

This Week

Saturday the family went to see Harold and the Purple Crayon at the Children's Theatre.  It was part of an exchange that they are doing with the Seattle Children's Theatre.  I thought it was lovely and gentle.  The guys found it a bit hippy-dippy, if you know what I mean.

Preschooler D did not want to go from the start.

"I like Florida and I like home,"  he announced from the backseat.

Well, don't we all, kid.

This week he and I are going on a trip to see Grandpa and Grandma in Phoenix. I hope he adds Arizona to his list of places he will go; otherwise, it's going to be a long four days.

Don't bother to come and steal the TV. Brent and Colin are staying behind.  If I get the chance, I'll let you how it's going, but as Grandma Malmberg used to say, "Expect me when you see me."

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