Friday, February 17, 2012

Math Class

Seventh grade pre-algebra has been making me crazy.  I ordered a couple of books so I could keep up.  Homework time with Colin requires a lot of concentration as it is without me going, "Yeah, I don't know."

Yesterday was "Muffins with Mom" day.  I never did find the muffins, but I did find Colin just before math class.  Colin goes to special ed math, and it's not what you remember from high school.  I don't remember anyone getting pulled out for math unless they were really, really behind.  There are three guys in Colin's class including Colin.  They are all doing grade level work but they can't do it -- for whatever reason -- in the classroom.

Colin was clearly the brains in the group (terribly, terribly biased), but his slower communication skills made this extra brain power useless.  The other guys are the brawn of the group.  I don't think anyone is going to be messing with their friend Colin.

We did a number of problems on little white boards.  I only led Colin astray once. We had to subtract a negative from a negative (or positive?) and I went the wrong way on the number line.  We got it figured out.  Hooray!

Then we were off to health class with my former gym teacher.  Hilarious.  Reminded me in two minutes why I would never sign on to any time travel that involved reliving junior high.  This has nothing to do with my former gym teacher and everything to do with junior high.

Good for Colin!  Good for me!

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