Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bathroom Waiting Game

Shout out to adooma who sent us this link to the NYC saw festival!  It will give you a taste of our Thanksgiving Eve.  Our saw guy plays most like the first man shown in the video.



We're this far and now we wait:

Actually we are a little farther.  I took this just before Snooky the Taper came. Apparently there is an art to taping and very little actual tape.  Now we wait for it to dry and then Snooky will come back 2-5 more times.  Then we paint because the floor guy doesn't like the painting done after he installs the floor because the ladder can dent the flooring . . . or something.  Then we wait for the tile guy who has two houses to do and the owners want them done before Christmas.  (Do I not want my bathroom before Christmas?)  Then we wait for the electrician again.  Then . . . I get a little foggy.  There's more.

So, to be honest, Brent and I were getting a little whiny this morning.  We want our bathroom nooooooowwwww.  We didn't know we would have this long to waaaaaaaaaait.

But then we remembered this video from Sunday:
And we remembered that when our bathroom is finished clean, drinkable water will flow out of those brand new faucets -- all we want.

Maybe everything else is bonus.

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  1. Such a well done clip...they play this at church and it always puts me back in my place. Praying you get to shower in your shiny new bathrom for Christmas :)