Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Afterbath (HA! HA! Get it?)

That Ernie Birt doesn't mess around.  Check out the hole upstairs that used to be the bathroom.  Can you see on the wall that there was a second outlet behind the mirror.  Can you say plug in the electric toothbrushes AND the nightlight?! Why would you cover up an outlet?  I suppose the great-grandma who owned this house for 50 years before us didn't need it.  She probably wash and set her hair.  No need for dryer or curling iron.

Also there you can get a little peek at the vintage flooring that's underneath the vintage flooring.  It's very cool, but it's about to be covered up, so enjoy it now.

The pink/orange of that cupboard never really bothered me, but -- wow! -- look at it now.  That may require some paint.  Of course, I'm not sure how much of it will be left when the shower goes in.

The plaster on the walls was done against a steel chicken-wire like mesh which fascinated and tormented Ernie.  He'd never seen anything like it, so certainly I had not.  It's gone now.

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