Monday, June 13, 2011

Wedding Week!

DAY 17:  Thank goodness for my elaborate system of TV, live streaming video and XM radio.  Otherwise, I would be forced to stand in this line and we all know I would not be able to take the Florida humidity this time of year.

Lots of happy news here this week. First of all, my computer dried out and turned back on.  Way to go computer and thank you, thank you to all who did a virtual laying on of hands on my computer!  It seems no worse for wear.  In fact, it's hooking up to the home network faster.  Go figure.

Secondly -- and really more importantly -- it's Wedding Week! at our house.  My s'son Jeremy will be marrying Rachel (formerly know to you as Cute As A Button or CAAB) this weekend.  Lots of excitement around the homestead this week as friends and family come and go.  I probably should have made more of an effort to clean.

Oh, well.

We went to shower for Jerchel (you know, Jeremy + Rachel = Jerchel).  I made the unfortunate mistake of signing the card from "Dad and S'mother."  This is funny to you and me, but was a bit lost on some of the shower guests.  What, after all, is a s'mother? Combine this with the fact that the gift card was shaped like a little house attached with an actual key that opens nothing, and you can see I made a number of mistakes at that event.

Hopefully, I have learned a few lessons.  First and foremost -- and why I don't understand this by now I do NOT know -- there are lots of times when I find myself hi-lar-i-ous when no one else does. Timing is everything.  Preschooler D and my wedding project for the day is to go buy some plain paper with a straight forward card which I will sign "Dad and Lisa."  Why do I need to make it any harder than that?

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  1. Funny ML! Somedays are like that for me too. So ... you bought them a new house? - Ohhhhh myy GOSH!!!!!!!