Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Trauma

DAY 13:  Yesterday the state presented its fifth witness who said the car smelled like dead body.  This witness was a cadaver dog.  Everybody and his dog say it smelled like dead body.  This makes me think of that phrase, "If it walks like a duck . . ." Yuck.

It was the second day of summer break at home yesterday and poor Colin is just dying.  Brent and I have declared that he may only have so many hours of screen time per day.  If I told you how many, you'd be aghast and say it was too much.  No doubt it is, but, of course, it's not enough for Colin.  There's been great unhappiness the past two days as we get used to the idea that we can't just sit like a vegetable all day.

In a show of support, I have been trying to severely cut back my computer time as well.  It's one of those parenting moments where you wonder who is really being punished.  One of those moments when -- as a stay at home mom -- I want to shout, "Fine!  Sit in your underwear all day eating Cheetos and watching Price is Right.What do I care?"

Then I get a vision of 30 year old Colin sitting on the couch eating Cheetos and watching TPIR.  That makes me stick to my guns.

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  1. And yet, it could be worse than being 30 and eating Cheetos watching TPIR...