Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Go Outside!

Day 31:  Holy twists and turns, Batman! What a day. Is no one telling the truth?  Tomorrow is the day she gets on the stand . . . or not. Grrrrr!!!!  I have things to do, places to go tomorrow.  I'm counting on you to keep track of the action for me.

Well, I do believe summer may actually have arrived here in West Lake Woebegone.  The air conditioning ran all day.  The boys started fighting, and I sent them outside!  Okay, I'll admit the weather has been so iffy, I'd forgotten I could do that until my sister said she had sent her children outside.

As you may remember s'daughter Shelby is working at a state park this summer as she has for the past five or six summers.  Our out-of-state friends may not be aware that the Minnesota legislature and our governor have come to a budget stalemate, and the government will be shutting down on Friday if they cannot reach an agreement.  This means that Thursday night Shelby will have the unglamorous job of kicking the campers out and -- literally -- shutting the water and power off and locking the bathrooms.  Happy families on vacation, put that picnic back in the car!  You are no longer welcome here!  No, I don't envy her.

The honeymooners are home and, as far as we know, it is so far, so good.  I feel certain that no news is good news in this case.

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