Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Riding Bike

I'd picked out a song for an event and gave it to the event planner through an email. I was going to sing it. It was going to be an anthem for a movement. I was really excited. I was going to get a lot of glory for this. At the very least the event planner was going to say thank you.

My email was never acknowledged. I figured it got lost.

Tonight I discovered someone else is singing the song I picked out.

I went and got on my new bike.

As soon as I started, I knew where I was going. It's a resort about 5K from my house. It's a resort at the bottom of a hill. I would show them. I would coast down to that resort, turn around and bike my little heart up that hill. I would find victory in getting to the top of that stupid hill.

I biked and biked and biked. I coasted down the hill to the resort, and I turned around ready to face my Goliath of a hill.

I chanted a little blue engine type chant. I biked and biked and biked. I kept looking up, ready to get to the challenging part of the hill . . . but before I knew it, I was at the top looking back on the road I traveled to get to what I thought was the big Goliath hill.

And I realized, the road was a long slope uphill. I had done the hard part of my bike ride before I even got to that downhill section. That little ride up from the resort was really nothing compared to what I had done to get out there.

I know that there is a life lesson somewhere in there, but I am still too mad and too tired to realize what it is.

I'm pretty sure I will discover that life has very little to do with what I plan.


  1. In recognition of this post; today I will recommit myself to acknowledge others with gratitude and be more vigilant in not taking even one thoughtful action for granted. Take care and enjoy your day Marylisa!

  2. Oh, that's neat. I was really trying write about how dopey I was to try and make it about me in the first place. I think it came out more "poor me." Not what I meant.