Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Frontier

I have a small computer problem.  Do you remember when I started the cartoon farm and could not leave it?  Remember how I made Brent set up a laptop all along our trip to Florida so I could harvest my crops?  Yeah, I abandoned that with a crop of potatoes rotting in the ground.

For a while I tried a cartoon island.  I had to go hopping around other cartoon islands looking for buried treasure.  I never quite took to it.  There was something slot machine-esque about it.  You could dig for hours and come up with nothing.

One day last week while digging for buried cartoon treasure I saw there was a new game.  It's a cartoon homestead.  Loved it immediately.  There was land to clear.  Cartoon snakes to clobber with my cartoon shovel.  A cabin to build.  Loved it!  Loved it!

Problem was it was so new no one else was playing and you need cartoon neighbors to advance.  I had to convince my friends and loved ones to play.  Soon Brent had a cartoon homestead and now the Old Children have ones.  Cyberspace Sarah is scaring off bears by shouting a tiny cartoon, "Hey! Hey!"  If I didn't know how sad it would be I would set up an account for Preschooler D.

hmmmm . . . sad or resourceful?

. . . Maybe I should try reading a book.

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