Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Off to Summer Camp

I don't think I've told you that the church that Brent and I go to is planting a new church. We've had many people ask, "What's wrong? What happened?" Well, nothing. It's a big church and it's ready to expand. A whole new church is the direction they have decided to take.

Brent was asked to help get the music ministry of the new church going. He was born to do this job. I will take the job as his Chief Executive Assistant. I'm pretty sure this mostly means I will be filing the music in file folders, but it also means I am the one headed to the church planting training seminar the next few days. I like to call it Camp Catalyst after the name of the new church. (Now, look. I am trying to be gracious about the name, so please don't ask me why it's called Catalyst. I don't know, but isn't it fun? *forced smile*)

Here is my homework for the seminar:
Really and truly, it is slightly less dull and depressing than it looks.

Anyway . . . what is it about being a stay at home mom that completely screws up your ability to think like a rational adult? I will be gone two days, but in my mind I am abandoning my family for all eternity. Will they be able to fix themselves dinner? What if they have a clothes washing emergency? What if they can't find something?

Oh, please. My husband is a better homemaker than I am. They are going to be fine. I think the real issue is what about that little voice within me going, "FREE! FREE! I'M FREE! Two WHOLE Days! I'M FREE!"

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