Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Next Day

My mother has just called worried about me. I'm fine today. It would be a lovely world if we never got our feelings hurt, wouldn't it? It would be an even lovelier world if we didn't set out to do things to bring attention to ourselves and then get mad when it didn't work out the way we planned.


I'm just telling the truth on myself. Sometimes I roll out of the king-size bed. Sometimes I let my children get in bed with me. Sometimes I make plans starring me and discover I'm not the star. Sometimes I get my feelings hurt.

I think you do too, or we wouldn't be blog friends.


  1. Exactly, and honestly (I pray), I am so there sometimes ...

  2. I do, and we are...and I love reading you and talking to you both. We really should ride our bikes together sometime...or sit and have coffee!