Thursday, June 17, 2010

At the Bottom of the Cup

Colin is at summer rec. D has gone to Grandma's. I finished my Bible Study homework in a timely manner. I'm all caught up in my new cartoon Facebook obsession -- cartoon frontier homestead. There was nothing else to do but write something smart, pithy, clever for you. Coffee cup in hand I sat down.

And stared at the screen.

And read other blogs for inspiration.

And racked my brain for cute stories from D.

And . . . nothing . . .

Now, I am at the bottom of my coffee cup. I could make another. I might very well make another, but I am done trying to say something smart. It's not even Writer's Block Friday yet. So while I move on with my life, why don't you go over and read the smart, pithy, clever and -- may I say -- honest blog of my little friend and excellent coffee barista Amanda: Here Comes the Sun.

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