Monday, May 17, 2010

Tiny Cry

I was sitting in church yesterday when I heard this:


It was the cry of a tiny, tiny baby. That little baby was giving it all she was worth and it only came out like this:


Just a teeny weeny little cry. The embarrassed parents rushed tiny baby with her wee little mosquito cry out and I just had to chuckle. I remember how that felt. You think the whole world is being disturbed, but we're not. It's just a weensy teensy little noise and all too quickly that tiny cry turns into:


It's really just a matter of perspective.


  1. I remember telling a friend how excited that I was about my son learning how to talk. (I think I at the time.)

    She just raised an eyebrow and I wondered, "What's up with that?" Now I know. Once they start, they never stop. :)

    Great post, Marylisa. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Oh gosh, this made me laugh loud enough that three children came in here to see what was so funny. When my oldest was tiny and cried like that, I would sit in a far back corner in church, until finally a delegation of little old ladies came to talk to me to tell me that I didn't have to hide... they so totally wished they could have those baby-cry days back again! Thanks for posting and brightening my day!