Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pass the Skim Milk

Yesterday I was feeling pretty tough and so I sat down with my coffee to watch a local morning show, when who should appear on the screen but a woman who -- let's us the word "dated" although that's not what I mean at all -- my college boyfriend while I was also actually dating him. I disliked her in a BIG way.

She was singing and she looked as tiny and cute and perky and trendy and talented as ever. I sat on the couch in my ragged jeans, sniveling thanks to this cold, drinking coldish coffee with no creamer because I need to drop a couple of pounds (and may I say life is too short not to drink creamer), thinking of letting Preschooler D play with my new fancy phone just to keep him busy.

Here's the thing: I didn't really care. Good for her for still being tiny and cute and perky and trendy. Good for her for sounding good while she sang.

I may or may not be any of those things, but I am peaceful. I am happy. It turned out in the end that College Boyfriend and I weren't a very good match . . . at all. I can be done being jealous and angry.

Good for me.

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  1. ML, isn't it nice when we reach a point where we truly don't care, in a good way? I have been at these moments too and they are quite liberating. And yes, good for you! (Pat, pat)