Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Double Fun

Preschooler D and I had two play dates today. Play Group with the Play Group Mommies, of course, and then a new play date. The kid could not have been cuter and neither could his young mommy, but she put me in quite a bind in front of my mother-in-law when she asked this ever-so-seemingly innocent question, "Do Pull-Ups* work for you?" Because as you know, friends and loved ones, I haven't a clue because Preschool D is not potty training.

Oh, you'd been wondering how that was going? Well, you should have just asked. It's not. It's not going. Am I happy about this? Of course not. Of course I do not like changing the stinky diaper of a three-year-old. Just get a good picture of that in your mind for a minute . . .

. . . good? I thought so, but there's one thing we Advanced Mommies know and I've said it before -- You can drag them to the potty, but you cannot make them go.

Of course, my husband was trained out of the womb or some such thing, so my mother-in-law looked at me meaningfully when Cute Mommy asked the question, not realizing what a can of worms she had opened right there in the living room.

When Preschool D is ready to go or whenever the State of Minnesota says I have to send him to school, whichever comes first, that is when he will be potty trained.

* A Pull-Up, in case you don't know is a diaper with cute little designs on the front that go away whenever they get wet alerting the trainee and his mommy that he has missed his opportunity to use the potty. They are not working for Cute Mommy because Cute Kid doesn't care if they get wet.

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