Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Turnabout is fair

My goodness, yesterday was such a busy day, I didn't get to our poem. Maybe we'll have double next week.

So, on Monday I was worried about going to playgroup and I had two things happen which really didn't help:

1. There's a wee pregnant person in my Bible Study small group. She is cute as a stinkin' bug and very petite. Well, someone had the nerve to ask how old she was (which I found inappropriate) and she said 20. That's right 20. I could be her mother -- not technically -- legitimately. I am -- legitimately -- old enough to be grandma. Grrr.

2. After playgroup today, Preschooler D and I headed to our favorite Caribou and I was talking with our Caribou-Employee friends about our high school class sizes. I mentioned that I had gone to my senior prom with the only boy of a small class in a nearby town and I said his name. Mid-20s Caribou employee said, "You mean Senor H--, my high school Spanish teacher?"

Yes. I mean my senior prom date was your teacher, you grown up person.

Well, anywho, playgroup went just fine, but I was thinking in all fairness since I knew the things I should avoid saying to them, perhaps I should write out a few conversation starters for them should they find themselves with my peer group.

Michelle, are you keeping all your retirement funds in that 401k or are you starting something more aggressive?

I was watching Purple Rain on TV the other night, Shelly. I can't believe my parents let me go to that.

Mitchi, do you think they still make Aquanet?

Oh, please, Mischele. I started taking menopause vitamins already and I am not ashamed.

I hope that helps.

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