Thursday, March 11, 2010

Basement Watch: Part 2

Once again my flair for the dramatic has made things sound worse than they are. Not the first time, is it, friends and loved ones? Dearest blogger-friend Catherine has had a vision of water rushing down the street a la Fargo-Moorhead, where they must sandbag the river every spring.

No, it's not like that. I just mean to say we live in a big crater and water tends to pool in our basements if the ground has not thawed. (Mine is still dry this morning. Hooray!) We do have marvelous water pressure, though, because the water tanks are on top of the hill.

I have a tendency to make stories sound bigger than they actually are. One day when I was in junior high the toaster plug shorted out and started on fire. I called my mother and told her the toaster had exploded. She freaked out thinking the toaster had exploded when it was only the plug and wasn't very happy with me when she got home.

I will try not to dramatize.

Okay, no. I will try not to dramatize too much.


  1. And here I had visions of you in a hooded, yellow trench-coat (ala Captain Ahab - eyepatch and all), mercifully scooping gallons of water into wooden buckets while tossing them out an open basement window. All the while, seaspray was splashing upon your face and the flash of lightning provided frequent, but random moments of light outlining your stoic silhouette against the basement wall.

  2. very funny! As I listened to the flood report on fox 9 weather, I started thinking - ohmygosh! - MAYbe the south arm of the crow wing river DOES run through your town!! And now you may have to sleep with your coast guard approved floatation vests under your pillows for the next week or two! hahahaha, thanks for the update.