Monday, March 15, 2010

Remember when, kids?

I was once in an exercise class with a woman who kept mentioning how old she was. "I'm old enough to be your mother!" She wasn't really, and it became tiresome after a while. She certainly kept up in class. It wasn't that big of a deal.

I mention this story because Preschooler D and I have been invited to a play group where I will be the oldest mommy . . . by 10-15 years. It's making me nervous. Technically -- now I'd be young, I know, but -- technically, I could be somebody's grandmother. Do you think the young mommies are drawing straws to see who has to talk to Grandma Mommy?

I try to remember they wouldn't have had to invite me at all. I'll probably be okay if I avoid saying things like:

Nice phone, Brittany! My first cell phone came in a bag. How did we get along without them?

Love your stainless steel microwave, Megan. Do you remember when microwaves had dials? No?

Gosh, the last movie I saw in the theater was Purple Rain! (not true, by the way)

Well, my printer was down, Jessica, so I just got out the ol' Smith-Corona . . . Oh, it's a typewriter. . . Oh, well, you used to put paper in and then manually type out what you wanted to say.

Thanks, Nicole. I love these tennis shoes, too. I wear them all the time. My hip just hasn't been right since Preschooler D. I think it's a little arthritic now.

Oh, dear.


  1. Oh my dear friend!! I'm a young Momma and I ADORE hearing from/talking to/seeing you. In fact, I keep thinking of ways to spend some time with you!! You're a very "young/old" Mommy. And frankly, you have so much knowledge/wisdom to adorn on these Moms. You're a blessing!!

  2. I laughed out loud....I especially liked the "Purple Rain" mention, as it is one of the movies I have seen recently :) Nice new background too!

  3. My not so old friend...I have found that I thoroughly enjoy the company of my 30 something and 40 something friends. I would not miss spending time with them for anything!!!