Monday, January 2, 2012

Post Christmas Life

Preschooler D with cousins in Wisconsin last week.
You must jog over to little Minnesota Mom Margaret's blog.  She presses on celebrating Christmas here on day nine.  There is a misconception that the 12 days of Christmas are before Christmas.  They actually start with Christmas Day as day one with the partridge and all that.  They end on Epiphany, the day which tradition says is the day the wise men finally made it to Baby Jesus.  There should be more celebrating after Christmas day.  It was a painful stab in my heart to go to my local grocery store last Monday and find that they had put the Valentine candy out.  Come on, little hometown grocery.  How pre-ghost Scrooge of you.

Colin singing carols with some new Wisconsin friends.
My mom was really good at making Christmas last until Epiphany.  I hardly ever make it.  I insist on having my trees lit through January 1, but today I am starting to take things down.  The personalities in my family thrive on schedule, order and sameness and we have had a lot of excitement the past month.

Speaking of January 1, who besides me stumbled into the den yesterday, blurry eyed, coffee in hand only to discover the Rose Parade never takes place on a Sunday.

Cyberspace with small niece and me with a Christmas tree coming out of my head.

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