Monday, December 19, 2011

School Concerts

Blog reader-friend Mary thought that I should blog today about singing in the alumni choir at Colin's concert yesterday, but there's not much to say.  I thought I didn't need the music.  I did.

It's been such a fun season of holiday school concerts with the sons.

Director son . . .

Middle school son . . .

Preschool son . . .

There are great disadvantages to having kids 21 years apart from oldest to youngest, but one of the advantages is there is very little fighting.  One of the most fun parts of these concerts for me was watching the brothers cheer one another on at each concert.  Oldest couldn't be at youngest one's school concert, but after Colin's concert he took time to hang out with just D which warmed the cockles of this mother's heart -- especially since he played a Wii game of which I have grown particularly weary.

Then Jeremy got in his new car and drove home to his own home where his wife was waiting.  That probably doesn't happen when your preschooler is done playing with his brother. HA!

FOUR! FOUR days to solstice!

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  1. Indeed, it doesn't, but it could someday with 10 years in between youngest and oldest. I'll watch for such a scenario. For now, we have scattered cheering-on and lots of arguing it seems. Thinking of balmy beaches somewhere... :)