Monday, July 25, 2011


Friends and loved ones, this summer has made me tired.  You probably guessed this by last week's entries of one photo and two poems.  There have been just a lot of changes, a lot of places to go, a lot of things to do.

But Friday, I had the best job of the entire summer.  One that lifted my spirits and cheered my soul.  I went to the airport to pick up . . .


I mean, how fun was that?! (And she does not take a bad photo if she tries, may I add.)  Now, Audrey is really a dear friend of Molly.  You know, Molly who is a figment of my imagination in the winter and a real person in the summer.  Molly is having a significant fabulous birthday, and Audrey flew up to surprise her.  I had never actually met Audrey, but she has been an Internet friend and beloved friend of this blog for several years.  It was a tremendous joy to get to meet her and drive her up to West Lake Woebegone.  We were most chatty all the way.  I am sure we are twins separated at birth.

Why I got the unfortunate Minnesota winter end of the deal, I don't know.

Audrey had never been to Minnesota and it was so fun to see what she noticed -- how green it is, for example.  We looked at all the significant things to see between the airport and West Lake Woebegone. "There's the Mall of America! Here's where the Vikings practice!  Look quick you can see downtown Minneapolis! Here's where Kim Kardashian ate a french fry last weekend!"  It occurred to me that I forgot to point out that we passed through Sinclair Lewis' hometown on the way, which was probably the one significant landmark we passed, but there you go.

Anyway, I believe she's back on her way to Arizona today -- a little bit wiser, able to identify a "hot dish" and such.