Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Poem for Tuesday

Well, in spite of the fact that my state government has shut down and therefore shut down all rest areas (Please explain to me why going to the bathroom is not an "essential service."), I am in a patriotic mood.

I dedicate this week's poem to my cousin JP and he knows why.

There'll Always Be America
Nona Keen Duffy

There'll always be America
To stretch from sea to sea,
A land so brave and free!

Let's help to build America,
A land for future years,
A place where people may be safe,
And free from grief and fears.

There'll always be America --
Let's build her to endure,
Let's build for future citizens,
And liberty ensure.

Let's help to build America,
Let's serve her every cause,
Let's keep democracy alive,
And help uphold her laws!