Monday, February 7, 2011

Underwear Update

Preschooler D made it an hour on Friday and everything stayed dry.  When I insisted, however, that he take a break in the bathroom . . . well, it was all over.  No go -- ah, so to speak.  So back on went the diaper.  Another day.

Colin was not so lucky on Friday.  I was working in the kitchen when he got home with my back to him.  "How was your day?"  I asked automatically.

"Not good.  There was this."

I turned around and was handed a lump which turned out to be underwear which had gone into the pool having been forgotten in the excitement of putting on a new swimsuit.

"Oh, no!"  I laughed.  "You had to go commando today."

"Mom?!  What is that?! Is this funny?"

It's hard for Colin to tell sometimes what is funny and what isn't.  It's always a great joy to me when he finds something funny on its own.  Once I explained "commando," I said, "Yes, Colin.  Forgetting your underwear and getting in the pool is pretty funny.  Why don't you call Dad and see what happens."

Well, he did.

"What happened, Colin?"  I asked when he was done.

"He laughed."

Underwear is almost always funny.  Unless you're Preschool D.  Then it is a deadly serious and negative subject.

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