Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Poem for Tuesday on Wednesday

Where was I yesterday?  I will tell you.  Frozen solid, that's where!  More days of subzero temp have left me huddled in a tiny ball at the bottom of my bed layered in wool socks, wool sweater, wool hat.  Okay, I wasn't at the bottom of my bed -- life goes on -- but I was covered in wool.  Hopefully, today will be the last bitterly cold day until spring.  Hopefully.

Jack Frost's Valentine
Sarah Grames Clark

Wee Jack Frost made for his friends
A charming valentine --
Dainty flowers made of finest lace
Of fairy-like design:
Laid the present on the window
Quickly ran away,
And thought that it would bring to us
A message sweet and gay.

Mr. Sun said, "Well, just look!"
And laughed full merrily;
Never seemed to understand
'Twas left for you and me!
And, because he did not know
That is was your and mine,
He melted it to crystal dew
And drank our valentine!

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  1. This poem is completely fun! and warmer days are just ahead - by golly.