Monday, December 27, 2010

My 600th Post

Heavy from a weekend of eating ribs and homemade caramels, I have just rolled over to the computer through the cast off wrapping paper, empty boxes and already broken toys. I see that today will be my 600th post.  Thanks for being faithful readers, friends and loved ones, and happy holidays from my writing material family.
Cute-As-A-Button (CAAB) Rachel, Preschooler D, S'daughter Shelby, S'on Jeremy and Colin
Your crazy friend me and Big Daddy Brent
You know those photos were taken this summer, right?  Because right now my yard looks like this:

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  1. eeegads! I will have to whip out another 496 posts before I can celebrate my 600th! Christmas blessings to you and Happy New Year by the way!