Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cookie Bake

I have such wonderful memories of baking roll out cookies with my Grandma Malmberg.  It's been my heart's desire to share this experience with my own children.  I think favorite s'daughter Shelby and I might have cranked out a few, but she was more into egg dying than baking.  Still is.  Jeremy and Colin aren't really into eating so much, so they're not really into cooking.

My last best hope is Preschooler D. So far, so good.  Here he is making spaghetti with his dad the other night.

This year was really going to be our year for roll out cookies.  It started out quite promising.  Isn't this precious?  This is exactly how I imagined it. (It was a Home Day. I'm not wearing mascara.  Move on with your life.)

But then we got to the decorating part.  Now, I don't care about any kind of research you can show me.  My personal experience is that boys and girls are different.  While I was picturing a lovely pretty princess fairy sugar dusting of the cookies, Hurricane D came by with double fisted sugar pumping action.

Actually the tray still looked pretty good at that point.

I don't know if we made precious memories or not, but I have a feeling we'll still be picking sprinkles out of our socks come Easter.


  1. Yes yes, I know I know. My 6 year old grandson giggles beautifully when I remind him that they are called "sprinkles" NOT dumps! when we decorate the whipped cream on top of our strawberry shortcake. Never ever needed to tell my daughters that. :> Have a lovely day ML!

  2. ML, I have "decorated" sugar cookies with my 3 BOYS for 15 years now. Yeah. I hear you.