Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Beautiful Home

Colin and I were watching a TV show on the Home and Garden channel where people look at three different homes before they purchase one.  This particular episode showed people looking for a vacation home in Costa Rica.  The homes they were looking at had large infinity pools, stainless steel kitchen appliances, amazing looking bathrooms with views of the ocean from the spa tub.  I was sitting there trying to decide if (I had a million dollars) Costa Rica was the right spot for my second house, when Colin said, "I wish we lived in a beautiful home."

Oh! Right to the heart of my home making insecurities!  My house isn't clean enough.  I'm not a good decorator. Our house isn't big enough.  My child does not feel safe and relaxed in our home!

Very calmly I asked, "Oh?  What would make is a beautiful home to you?"

He did not hesitate a wink.  "Flat screen TV."

Whew!  Well, eventually that's probably something I can handle.  Right now our TVs are working perfectly fine, so he's going to have to live with them.

I chuckled on this subject again last night.  We were at a gathering for our new church when I overheard a one of the elementary girls talking.  It seemed she loved, loved, loved the carpet in the house we were at.  It was perfectly fine carpet, but plush in a way that suggests another decade.  Very similar to the carpet in my house.  What made me chuckle was that our group has gathered at this girl's home several times.  It was built by her father, the architect, with beautiful and modern hardwood floors.

Seems the carpet -- and the TVs -- are always greener at someone else's house.

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