Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stinkin' Stained Pants

I think we have discussed before that from time to time I have a little ebay problem. I am a binge ebayer, if you will. I can go months without even going to the site and then I will start bidding on things left and right.

I added a new twist to my problem when I started a new little game with myself last week. I searched on brands that I like and then would only bid if there was less than an hour left. I thought this was a brilliant plan. If there was nothing to bid on -- there was nothing. No bidding on something that had a week to go and then regretting it. No bidding on something, becoming the high bidder for several days and then being outbid at the last second. I patted myself on the back for being so smart.

Until I started bidding on things without really reading the description.

Let me present the Case of the Stinkin' Stained Pants, as my friend Rita calls it. I bid on this pair of linen pants that were still only 99 cents with only a few minutes to go. I made sure that the seller had mostly positive feedback and I leaped right ahead. Then I went back and saw at the very, very bottom of the description it said, "Pants are stained and will not come out with wash or stain remover. Still $89 pants." Yes, okay, BUT WHO WANTS TO WEAR $89 STAINED PANTS?! I was not happy with myself.

And so the stinkin' stained pants arrived today and the stains weren't that bad. I was pretty sure they were going to come out in the wash. Unfortunately, the reason they were stained is because they must have gotten caught in something somewhere -- machinery perhaps. The fabric had been pulled out and there are two tiny holes at the bottom of the pants. This is reason for a refund . . . but they are really cool pants.

No problem, I would remove the stains and make a tiny repair to the bottom. Not a problem. No, sir.

Until I sprayed the cream linen pants with spray stain remover which removed the cream part of my pants. Big bleach stains where the dirt stains used to be. Problem.

I then thought I would bleach the whole works. They would be white, not cream, but they would be saved. Hooray!

It didn't work. I'm not sure where to go from here. I might stain spray the whole thing or I might try dying them.

At any rate, I've given up for the day. There's really no call for wearing linen pants in Central Minnesota right now anyway.

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