Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wherever we go, that's where the party's at.

So tonight the washing machine died with the clothes unrinsed, a toilet needed plunging and it's record-breaking-orange-juice-price-raising cold. Remember last week when I had to chose my attitude? Well, we're at that point again.

The first night when we stayed in La Crosse our poolside hotel room was actually, literally pool side. Maybe five feet. It was chlorine and moldy smelling. It only had double beds, so Shelby and Colin were in one, Preschooler D and Brent and I were in the other. It was a little too cozy. I said to Brent the next day, "A perfect night in the perfect hotel room? That's not a funny story. A poolside room actually pool side? That's a funny story."

So we press on with these quirky little vacation stories and counting the really fun times we are having together.

Preschooler D (PD) turned three yesterday at the Magic Kingdom. We started out with a character breakfast which means Mickey Mouse and Friends came to our table, brought a cupcake and sang a song. He was a little overwhelmed at the time, but when asked this morning what the best part of his day was PD said, "My cupcake."

We swam at the little pool in our condo backyard this afternoon. It was very Nordic with steam rising off the top. Very mysterious. My 11-year-old who cringed when I put my arm around him at Sea World a couple of days ago, clapped when I came out and jumped in.

Brent and I have a king sized bed here. Probably all of his children could crawl in with us. .

The dishwasher seems to be working right now.

It's not snowing here.

I got sprinkled with "fairy dust" today while an excited Disney employee in a green fairy dress wished that all my "princess dreams would come true." As the only girl in a house full of boys (when Shelby's not here), I almost started to cry.

We're having a good time with good memories and some funny stories -- like how I stood in the bathtub in my swimsuit tonight and rinsed our clothes. That's a funny story.


  1. But, at least you know your crazy! :) Enjoy every moment of that family time...is is so precious.

  2. It's a vacation if it's just you and your husband. If it's the whole family, it is definitely an adventure! God is good and limits our memory so that we want to go on more adventures :)