Thursday, June 18, 2009


So now that Cyberspace has made the announcement that she's moving on her blog, I feel I can talk about it in more detail. As I was just saying to her on the phone, I am the world's worst feeling-hider. Countless friends have come up to me, "Isn't it exciting that Captain America (He'll have to have a new name now that he doesn't work for a company with America in the title) got his dream job?!"

Oh, sure. I'm levitating in joy for him.
It's in Wisconsin. That's not even Minnesota. It's across the river . . . or lake depanding on which part of the state you stand. I have nothing against Wisconsin. A road goes through it which leads to Florida. They make cheese and cranberries there. What's not to love about cranberries? That doesn't mean we move there.

Fine. I'm sure it's very nice and they'll be perfectly happy there.

Just give me a few more days. I am not good with change.

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