Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hidden Talents

You know . . . it's about 45 minutes past the time when I should be in bed, but I came across this photo from our trip to Wyoming this spring. Frankly, it brings me joy to know that when I leave this earth there will be something for people to say about me.
Was she the greatest singer? "She was all right. Flat." Was she the best writer? "If you like that sort of thing. I didn't understand her half the time." Was she much of a homemaker? "Well, no. My sock once got stuck on something sticky on her floor and there was a smell in her bathroom I could never describe, but, you know, she had the right kind of nose for hanging a spoon on and that certainly is something."
I also treasure this photo because I think you can just make out that my aunt Rayna has made a Cherry Coke Jell-O. Marshmallows in Jell-O? No, thank you. Coca-Cola, a trough of sugar AND a can of cherry pie filling in Jell-O? Yes, please!

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