Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A crime of footwear

I just bought Baby D fur-lined Crocs. I know. Please don't say anything. I know it's wrong. I know they look like a big plastic hoof. I'm not sure Minnesotans should be allowed to buy them in the first place. They are a summer shoe. What I mean to say is a shoe for those who live where it's summer all the time, not just barely three months of the year. And to line them with fur. I know. It's just wrong. Just wrong. Are you supposed to wear them on a snowy beach?

Here's the thing: Baby D has THE chubbiest feet. No, not high arches as some have assumed -- chubby, chubby feet. I bought him two pairs of tennis shoes this fall that took a team of parents and/or siblings to hold him flat on the floor and wrestle on. They are Velcro shoes and the Velcro barely stretched over the top of his chubby, chubby feet. I finally broke down and bought a third pair of extra wide tennis shoes. These were not easy to find.

The Crocs fit the foot chub and he can put them on himself (although not always on the correct feet). Laugh at my poor child if you must, but please take into consideration his feet.

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  1. This post made me smile which is no small thing at 6:00 a.m. I love your blog, Marylisa, and find myself nodding & agreeing & (yes) smiling my way through every post.

    Have a blessed day, my fellow Minnesotan.