Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Minutae of My Life

I am trying to clean off the kitchen table:

Here is my homemade cookbook and a list of menu planning from two weeks ago. I can recycle the list. Hmmmmm, where's the list from this week? Oh, yeah, there wasn't one. Best to leave the book here so I can make one for this week.

Here's is Colin's Awana book. We should leave that here so we remember to study. And a Scholastic order form. I think it's due tomorrow. Maybe I'll just leave it here so we can decide if we want anything at breakfast. Here's some homework he did predicting measurements. Very impressive. I'll just leave that until Brent walks by so he can see it.

Here's my purse. Must clean out. Later.

Oh, here's Baby D's first birthday cards. I should . . . probably file these . . . somewhere . . . later.

Hooray! An empty envelope! I can recycle that! Nope. Wait. It's from a bill. I think that one gets pain on line. But what if it doesn't?

A bowl of Christmas candy. I could throw that out . . . but it's got vanilla Tootsie Rolls in it. Those are so tasty. They don't have to be seasonal, do they? And Ghiradelli. We don't throw that.

Here's a receipt from a bridal shower corsage I bought. I kept this so when we settled up what everybody owed, I would have proof of my part. Only we never did settle up. Or did they without me? Doesn't matter. Hooray! Recycle!

This isn't going very well.

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