Saturday, January 12, 2008


Brittney pees on a fire hydrant! News at 10!!

Isn't it time to lock Brit up and just leave her alone for awhile? The silliest thing I saw this week (and I think that is saying a lot) was Donald Trump warning Brittney that she was following in the footsteps of Anna Nicole Smith. Like Donald Trump is the authority on all alcohol/drug/mental illness. Like Donald Trump was a personal friend of Anna Nicole's. Like we care what The Donald has to say about anything! (Honestly man, I don't want to start a Rosie fight, but do something about your hair.)

Now really, from a fellow human being traveling along the same time line in the 21st century perspective, I am concerned for Brittney. Clearly, the girl has issues. But in the big picture of the world, I am a little disgusted she is taking up so much of our media energy right now. Isn't there a war? Aren't there kids dying? Isn't the price of gas outrageous? Isn't there trouble in Pakistan? Aren't the presidential candidates doing something? At the very least, weren't the Golden Globes cancelled?

Brittney, do us a favor. They're tryin' to make you go to rehab, and I say yeah, yeah, yeah.

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