Monday, November 8, 2010

More Coffee-Mate

A long-time friend (as opposed to "old") and I have been emailing this year and we decided that the answer to life's problems is more Coffee-Mate.

Pre-teen angst in your house?  MORE Coffee-mate!
Change of seasons making you crazier than usual? MORE Coffee-mate!
Unexpected layoff? MORE Coffee-mate!

During this discussion I have polished off cup number one and I am sure this is a 2-cup Day. Wait right here . . . Mmmmm.  Belgian Chocolate Toffee. Nice!

New church plant more exhausting than you anticipated? MORE Coffee-Mate!
Too many politicians on TV? MORE Coffee-mate!
In-law troubles? Former in-law troubles? More, More, MORE Coffee-Mate!

I don't know.  Maybe I've been watching too many Mad Men episodes on the tread mill, but I think I'm really on to something.  What if we all just took a breath and had a cup? What a wonderful world this would be.

1 comment:

  1. And you mean to tell me that ALL this time--even right now, as I type--I have been drinking my coffee with PLAIN HALF & HALF?!

    Ah heck.