Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Minnie Blog

Some of my friends and loved ones know I have a little "Disney Problem." I really enjoy a trip to WDW. Am I a crazy Disney person who wears a fanny pack at WDW, will sleep only on Dumbo sheets and named my dog Pluto? No. BUT, I really do think it's a nice family vacation and . . . it may be that I do secretly have an outline for my next trip two years from now planned in my head. (And it may be that I am sneaking in my second trip of the year yet this fall. I am not really committing at this time.)

Huh. Maybe I am a crazy Disney person. I wonder if they have a group at Celebrate Recovery.

Well, the point of this is that this nice blogger is giving away a Disney gift card which I may need if I am going again this fall. (I'm not really committing at this time.)

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