Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I'm starting to think our household needs a gerbil, or as I have been reading, two gerbils. Apparently they like company. Shouldn't a household of boys have rodents? I am trying to work it out in my head but there is something telling me that if I add more chaos to my chaotic household, it will become calmer. It flys in the face of logic, true, but winter is really getting to me and I have always thought those little gerbil balls that look like cars are funny. Wouldn't it be funny to have a rodent? I don't know. We have a 14 year old Yorkie and a 6 year old goldfish. How much more trouble could two gerbils be?

That's probably the wrong question.


  1. We have a very large gray gerbil that you could have. Don't question it -- it's a GERBIL. You know our number.

  2. You're not fooling me. Gerbil, cage. Cat, no cage.