Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let it snow

It's snowing. (What?!) Yes, it's true. We're supposed to get three inches by morning. I'm torn. Tomorrow is my last function as Head Room Mother. Tomorrow is the "Spring Party." (Really? Because the high last week was -7.) In an amazing coincidence, it's also Valentine's Day. Do I want school to be cancelled, thus giving me one more day to organize my referee skills for a game of Valentine's Day Guesstures or do I just want there to be school so my tenure as Head Room Mother will be over?

I have to say, it hasn't been as bad as I anticipated. I lived through the "Harvest Party." The "Winter Party" was easy because all I had to do was bring the snack. The "Spring Party" should also be easy because most of the time will be used up distributing and opening Valentines.

In other news: Last week Baby D pulled over a shelf I had in the kitchen which held my plants. Somehow the shelf itself protected him from flying terra cotta pot shards. He was not so lucky a few days later when I wasn't looking and he pulled my flat iron down with his hand. He has a full finger second degree burn and refuses to wear a band aid. Tonight at church he smashed his finger in a metal outlet box in the floor. It's still bleeding. No band aid. Someday (probably not that far away) that kid is going to need a cast and he's going to have to leave it on.

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