Monday, December 3, 2007

Pass the saltines

We have all been dreadfully, horribly sick. I mean nasty stomach virus sick. All of us. All at once. I was, of course, most concerned about Baby D but he was smart enough to just throw up once and then he was trundled off to Grandma's where he made a full recovery and produced a tooth. Brent, Colin and I sat in turns outside the bathroom doors and waited to die. We didn't. I have the unfortunate habit of breaking out in hives whenever I have a fever so that was an added bonus to the event. It's two days later and we are still sort of sitting around nibbling on toast discussing flower arrangements for the funerals. What was all this about? I gave birth this year! Shouldn't I be let off the hook for all ailment for at least 12 months?

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